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Vocational / Recreational Classes. Old Harlow, Essex

Older Children - Adult

Ballet First dancers regularly gain places in vocational Dance Schools and Companies throughout the UK and abroad.

Our aim is to teach the tools and technique necessary to nurture and inspire.


Vocational & Recreational Classes

Day Time Class Level Studio
Tuesday 17.30 - 18.30 Pre-Senior / Senior Ballet 11-16 yrs + A
Tuesday 18.30 - 19.30 Pointe (Vocational) Advanced A
Wednesday 18.15 - 19.15 Senior Ballet / Adult Ballet 11-16 yrs + A
Thursday 16.30 - 17.30 Intermediate Ballet 8-10 yrs A
Thursday 17.30 - 18.45 Pre-Senior / Senior Ballet 11-16 yrs + A
Friday 17:30 - 19:00 Private Ballet tuition All levels / ages A
Saturday 09.45 - 11.00 Pre-Senior / Senior Ballet 11-16 yrs + A
Saturday 12.00 - 13.00 Intermediate Ballet 8-10 yrs A
Saturday 12.00 - 13.00 Basic Mat Pilates 12 yrs - Adult B
Saturday 13.00 - 14.00 Repertoire class 11-16 yrs + A



Classical Ballet

Excellent Ballet training for vocational or non-vocational students. Developing muscle strength, body alignment, technique and dance expression. Ballet is the foundation and core of all other dance styles.

Intermediate Ballet

Progression from Junior Ballet, further developing Ballet vocabulary, musical nuances, focus on correct structural physical alignment and foundation technique in preparation for Pre-Senior Ballet level.

Basic Mat Pilates

Pilates to increase flexibility and suppleness, develop good posture, balance and increase co-ordination, increase core strength and stamina without adding muscle bulk; also helps aid recovery after injury and prevent injury recurring.

Pointe work

Pointe work from age 12 yrs for advanced classical ballet students. Strong technique with consistent ballet training needed over a period of years, with the required number of Ballet classes taken weekly. Pointe is the next step in a dancer's training working towards a dance career.

Repertoire Classes

Learn corps de ballet (Ensemble) and solo variations from the Classical ballet greats, developing style and artistry, strengthening ballet technique and learning how to work effectively as an ensemble. An important class in dance education. Ballet training required.

Private Coaching

Tailored Ballet lessons to focus on specific areas for technical and artistic development for children or adults. 1:1  classes by arrangement for beginners, intermediate or advanced students welcome. Classes held at St. Johns ARC, Old Harlow, Essex.